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Outlook shows the ad "you're using an ad blocker"

edited November 2018 in Webmail Ad Blocker
Outlook has recently change their site for a subset of users. They may be detecting new ad blockers and putting this message in it's place. My Outlook is still blocking the ad so I'm waiting for the update to happen before proceeding with a fix. Thanks for your patience.


  • Thank you! I came here to see if you knew you about the issue. Hope you'll see the update soon haha.

  • Awesome, thanks Jason, sorry to be redundant, after I posted I saw some of your responses to others with similar issues. You do great work, rock on, will wait!
  • Yep Hotmail broke this in Firefox for me today.  Now shows an ad space.  If you get it fixed, I'd definitely be happy to make a donation.  Always liked your webmail ad blocker.  Let us know!
  • This evening I started getting the ad blocker message on Google Chrome browser, it crowds the emails and makes the font so tiny.
  • Me too, literally just started getting this - inspect element shows:
    It looks like you're using an ad blocker. To maximise the space in your inbox, sign up for Ad-free Outlook.
    Ad Choices
  • I love Webmail Ad Blocker. When I saw that Outlook was pulling some kind of crap, I was pissed. Thank you, Jason, for staying on top of this issue ! I'll keep checking Outlook to see when you get  it fixed or ad the new download. Thanks again !!!
  • edited December 2018
    @AndrewSnaden and other Chrome users, can you test the extension v5.1.3 which I just pushed by reinstalling the extension (Firefox tests will be later)
  • Webmail Ad Blocker 5.1.3 has removed the ads from my updated Hotmail under Chrome 70.0.3538.110 (64-bit) with Windows 7 Pro.  Thank you for your efforts.
  • That's better! Thank you Jason. :-)
  • Thank you very much for a great extension and continued work on it Jason. I hate ads.
  • that fixed it.  thanks for your hard work and persistence.  donating now. 
  • Jason what general ad blocker for chrome & chromebooks do you like most?  uBlock origin? another?
  • edited December 2018
    @EdwardEatman I don't know cause I only use extensions I've created :)
  • As of 12/5/2018 this add-on Version 5.1.1 no longer works in firefox for hotmail/outlook it now shows it looks like you are using an ad blocker sign up for ad free bleh bleh. Don't try and email me as its bogus I never give out my email address to someone I don't personally know IRL but thoght you should know I will rate 5 stars once its working again as I really did love it when it was working thanks for allowing us to use it.
  • @PaulMcGuigan So how long have you been successfully using my extension before the issue?
  • Reinstalled it again on Firefox and still not working.  FWIW I've been using your webmail blocker for several years.
  • Also Firefox is still installing 5.1.1, how do I get 5.1.3?
  • @JDog I'm working on a fix and should pushed something in the next days, they're extension update system has some bugs.
  • I would say I have been using the extension for about 4 to 6 months give or take take. I Installed it when I was looking for a quick way to remove the ad space and a few other annoyances. If you are asking how long to find out why I have not rated the extension already to be honest I don't often rate add-on or extension but felt that it would deserve it if it was working granted I also know its not your fault they changed something that broke it and its totally not your fault.
  • I thought Jason said Chrome was out but Firefox not yet (soon)? I never thought about contributing before but think I will when this is sorted as it has made me come here and realise how quickly Jason reacts to keep it working. Much appreciated mate.
  • @RobBrigham Thank you for the support I have just pushed out v5.1.3 which will block those ads again.
    @PaulMcGuigan It's more encouraging to developers if you don't put a 1 star just because 1% of the time there was an issue. But I commend you for reaching out to me to detail the issue so we can work together.
  • Firefox fixed... thanks Jason.  Will donate!
  • Jason, you are the man ! Firefox fixed.  Many thanks !!!
  • Hey, Jason. Outlook in Firefox is overriding the new 5.1.3 Webmail Ad Blocker. It was working fine until about an hour ago.
  • Looks like Chrome has re-introduced the Ad box also as of today with 5.1.3, Thanks for your updates.

  • NYvNYv
    edited December 2018
    Oh it was fixed last week on Chrome.

    But it came back today for me.

    Not sure how I can help but if @Jason needs it maybe I can help.
  • I have the same problem on Chrome. :-(
  • Yep ads came back on Firefox again last night.
  • I don't think it's the browsers that are reintroducing the problem.  I think MICROSOFT has gotten serious about keeping ads (or at least the space they need) visible.  It reminds me of the cat-and-mouse games with malware, and things like VPN's and YouTube downloaders.  @Jason, you are a rock star - now that Microsoft has taken you seriously!
  • Yes - back again in Firefox for me too. I guess Microsoft keep renaming things to keep tools like this playing catchup.
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