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November 27th update

Why does this need more permissions?  It was working fine without them before.


  • edited about a year ago
    Some permissions may have been requested during the use of extension, such as for retrieving contacts or account icons etc. but they must be explicitly granted by you. It may happen that when syncing extensions across laptops that these same permissions are requested on a different machine.

    Regardless if you want to reset them, simply uninstall the extension and reinstall it to get bare minimum permissions. I have spent a lot of time minimizing and securing the extension permissions.

    I would also be curious what are these permissions, can you send me a screenshot?
  • It seems to me like these were the same as before so not sure why Chrome took this action.

  • edited about a year ago
    You are correct, these are the basic permissions. Chrome bug i guess, but good on you for questioning the developer.
  • edited about a year ago
    Note: I do push regular maintenance updates, with bug fixes and features, which maybe triggered this permission re-request bug.
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