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Use personal contact for sending in bug screenshots? re: New Outlook upgrade promotion bottom bar

Do you accept bug image screenshots (related to new Outlook promotion bar) via the personal contact as I cannot see a way of getting them to you via the forum?



  • Sorry, belay that request. Reply box has attach function I did not find on initial message :(
  • I don't officially supported Opera, does this issue happen on Chrome?
  • I use the extension within Opera that allows it to run most Chrome add-ons. (Since Opera migrated to the Chrome "Blink" platform I believe).
    Up until yesterday WAB had been working on Hotmail.  I assumed any fix for Chrome would knock on via the extension.
  • edited December 2018
    Jason, the Chrome fix you put out did indeed migrate to Opera via the "use chrome extensions" function and last week after an Opera update the microsoft intrusions were thankfully gone.
    However this afternoon I was unable to log onto outlook for a hour or so and when it finally returned the intrusive ads were back.
    Looks as if they have recoded the ads as the html  "/div" are totally different and I cannot identify a unique line that if deleted will remove the ad and its blank placeholder.

  • I found the html line for the new version of the ad blocker banner and the office 365 ad.  Hope this is of some help.
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