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Selecting which Calendar to add to

Hey all,

Probably an easy answer but I haven't figured it out yet. When using the calendar extension on the top right while on a facebook event page, how do I select which calendar I will be adding the event to?




  • Ahh that's a good suggestion/question :)
    I'll queue it for development, but for now you'll have to edit the event within the popup to change the calendar.
  • Thanks Jason! I simple drop down to select which calendar it gets added to would be great
  • Yes same here. We're currently evaluating your calendar extension for our community project and the first thing that we noticed is that we can't add events to our shared resource calendar i.e. not a person's primary/personal calendar.

    Creating events only to back into them to move them elsewhere isn't ideal and having to repeat this by a fair amount of events comes across a tad annoying.

    Great job btw )
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