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[Gmail inbox Beta view] Always start on list letters view

I`m usin new gmail inbox.
1. Click on Gmail button. Result: Gmail inbox opened.
2. Click on some email. Result: Email content shown.
3. Close view.
4. Click on Gmail button again. Result: Previous email content shown.

I want at step 4 always open gmail inbox instead of previous opened content.


  • edited April 2014
    good suggestion, the question now is what should be the default? before i make it an option.
    do you think most people will like the current behaviour of going back to the previous email or resetting to inbox everytime
    note: some people use the Primary tab, and some the Inbox, which will I choose?
  • I think most common user scenario is:
    1. Get new mail notification.
    2. Open inbox.
    3. Open new mail.
    4. Close pop-up, change focus to other activities and forgot about place where he stopped use gmail.
    5. Repeat.

    So it should be default behaviour for most of people.
  • Except when I use the Gmail website, it doesn't do that :) It stays where I left it.
    Also because my extension popup window can be closed accidentally, when clicking links in an email or even when replying to email, they would prefer to return to where they were.
    I actually already got a nice comment on the fact that it actually does return to where you left it.
    Let's keep this thread open and see if we get other comments and opinions, before I make a change.
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