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Suggestions: No URL, ESC, Blur/Highlight change

* Most of the time, I'd like to be able to skip showing where the clip was taken from -- to hide, for example, someone's private Facebook page.  It doesn't help being able to blur out a name for their privacy if the URL points right to them.  I don't mean the credit part of the footer itself - definitely keep that on the free version, just the source URL.

* Would be nice if it supported hitting Esc to cancel a screengrab but not a big deal.

* I think the Blur could be 'stronger' so as not to require passing over an area a lot of times.

* Could Highlight only affect the background colour or, like Blur, just be stronger in its effect?  It's just that passing the highlight over the text, the text itself becomes fades and actually becomes -harder- to read.


  • Thanks for the feedback, you can hide the url/footer in the options.
    I'll take note of the other suggestions.
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