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Issue re: New Outlook UI has new nag banner

Hi Jason. I love your extensions!
With the "new format" of Outlook internet mail, they have put a new nag banner in the lower left corner. Your plugin is still disabling the right and lower nags.
I was just curious if you knew about/are working on disabling the nag banner in lower left.
I have included a screenshot.

Thank you,


  • Thanks, so I have the fix ready to go and it's been pushed to Chrome but Firefox has a bug in the extension uploading that is preventing the push. Hoping they rectify this in the next days.
  • Awesome! I will check back and hope that you can upload the Firefox version. If you can Jason, let me know on here when/if it available. Thanks again!
  • Hi again Jason.
    I just wanted to let you know that the nag banner in my Outlook is now blocked!
    I am not sure the exact date that this happened, but I estimate within the last 7 days.
    I guess your new version/fix got pushed!

    Just an FYI, and happy holidaze!
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