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Addon allows email autoplay

I really like your extension but it autoplays ads in emails because presumably it's somehow bypassing or ignoring the way Firefox handles autoplay. Could you please fix this because I'm sure you can imagine how bad it is to hear some random ad blaring out of the speakers and be unable to stop it - even opening Gmail doesn't stop it once your extension starts playing it. Thanks. If you want, I can forward you an email that continuously autoplays, which I tested by marking it unread and sure enough your extension autoplayed it again.


  • Can you forward me this email, go to website > about > contact
    so i can test this out.

  • Yes will do that now. I meant to add as well: I went into about:debugging to make sure it was your Addon and could see the autoplaying mp4 link in the Network console.
  • oh cool, maybe you can debug it for me :)
    does it tell you the exact source of the mp4?
  • I blocked the domain in my adblocker. However, the real issue, to me, is that your addon bypasses Firefox's new Autoplay policy, which (supposedly) allows for much more extensive blocking across the board. I set up the policy to play nothing ever, so an addon should automatically be forced to respect that policy. In other words, it may be bug in Firefox which is allowing addons to ignore a user's autoplay setting. Or, alternatively, it's something in your addon - I really have no clue because "about:debugging" is about the extent of my debugging skills! :)
  • I'll look into this further, thanks for the email I haven't found anything in the email contents pointing to an mp4.
    There has been an issue with Malware being triggered from disabling or enabling random extensions and playing audio ads.
    I even had some say it was playing ads in japanese which leads me to confirm this issue is not related the emails nor my extension itself.
  • The url that showed up in debugging started with em.realtime.email if that helps.
  • If you get more occurrences of this let me know. I would also perhaps maybe suggest contacting the sender and validating that they have audio ads in their emails.
  • They do - it was TV network advertising an upcoming show they were airing, i.e. a real ad.
  • This should be fixed in v21.4.5
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