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Hover-over browser bar email buttons are hard for usability

Love your extension but the new 'pop-up' (hover-over) buttons for archive/spam/delete when I click the browser button and get the inbox dropdown are really hard to use!  It's a cleaner look but I am always anxious of where to hover since I don't want to click delete or spam instead of archive.  Could you look into another approach, perhaps just minimizing the icon clutter but still having the icons.  Thanks so much for all the great work you do!


  • edited April 2014
    Can you send me some mockups or screenshots and or precisely how to " minimizing the icon clutter but still having the icons "
    i'm open to suggestions, note the main reason i shrunk the icons was because I didn't want people accidentally clicking the icons instead of the email itself (for opening the email)
  • Hi! It's not the size of the icons that's the issue, smaller is fine.  The issue I'm having is that the icons are invisible until you hover over an email and then they appear.  That surprise and uncertainty about where my mouse will be in relation to the revealed icons is where I'm having usability trouble.  Yes, it looks cleaner without them present by default, but it slows me down about 3x in terms of my confidence clicking.  I greatly appreciate your response time btw, very impressive!
  • So I did my research before proceeding with this hover method, after visiting yahoo and outlook's webmail and they have the similar hover method including almost smaller icons then mine.
    My presumption is that the clicking of the icons is not common in comparison to the opening of the email itself.
    I'll wait for some more feedback on this topic, since I only released it to 10% of my users right now (yes you are the 10% :)
    What i could propose is an option to keep the buttons visible at all times.
  • I think a user preference would be a great solution.  What I like BEST about your extension is that it's the quickest way for me to quickly triage incoming mail.  If I have to think/pause before I click it reduces my flow.  Again, I love your extension and your work--I have them all and have donated on all of them and you rock.  Ok, thanks!
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