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Multiple Agenda (reminder) Popups

I don't have any on screen at the moment for a screen shot but here's the issue:

I'm no longer using Chrome due to a bad hijack that apparently can't be eliminated with anything but a complete system reset which I am not willing to do, therefore I am now back on Firefox and am noticing an odd behavior that I'm hoping sounds familiar to you and may therefore have a simple solution.

The first time it opens it's normally sized. I leave it open until all events are checked off. When subsequent reminders fire they show up in the first window, but also open another window. Each time a reminder fires another window opens.

Any ideas what's causing this?


  • Are you using the default notification popup window?
    Are you able to replicate this by clicking the test notification button once, and then again to see if that creates 2nd popup window or does it replace the first one.

  • Yes it is default pop up. Test does not open another window. I'm assuming this means it's not the extension causing this but some setting elsewhere, most likely either Firefox  or perhaps I changed something in my Google account. I've been having a ton of issues not getting notifications from Hangouts so I did a lot of experimenting over the last couple of weeks. Looks like I'll have to start digging. I just remember though, the windows do have an extension code in the title bar. I may be able to expand it enough to copy what that is. Of course, as soon as I come here to discuss it they stop appearing. I'll post a screen shot next time one pops.
  • Okay I tried a number of times creating test events and setting notifications and I THINK I found the issue. Seems odd that this never caused a problem in Chrome. I did not realize I still had native notifications turned on in Calendar. After turning those off the duplicate windows aren't showing up. For now I'm gonna say this is solved.
  • Drat. They're back. This time I got a screen shot both of three pop ups and one I cropped to show (I think) that the mox-extension code in the title window is actually Checker Plus. I was away from my computer for a time and came back to find this. I don't know if it matters but the one not showing the sidebar is the original pop up that I left up (the normal expected window). As you can see from the events that are displayed (all identical), I don't think it's a matter of the windows being generated by notifications. All my notifications are set to be in advance of the events. So I don't get why anything ought to pop up after the fact when there is already one on screen that simply hasn't been dismissed. Also, conveniently just as i was typing that last sentence (no kidding), one new notification fired for rent tomorrow, which did sound properly, added itself to the already open window, and did not generate a new window. (I had already closed the extra two windows by then using the X.) This is one of the most curious "bugs" (although I hesitate to call it that) I've seen. Sorry if I'm being vague. I often am. Ask away about whatever is unclear.
  • So I believe you are using other extensions that handle tabs/windows, I suggest disabling those because I suspect they are interfering with the popup reminders.
  • Okay. Guess I'll have to disable them all and turn them back on until I figure out which one is doing it. Have a bad feeling it's Tree Style Tabs. Hate to lose that one it's so handy.
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