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I can't specify event time

Hi Jason,
I want to create an event where the time is not exactly xx:00 or xx:30.
 Whenever i try tying the time of my preference, i end up with the app rounding the minutes value to wither of the two values above.

This function is implemented in google calendars by default, means that i sometimes have to go the google calendar website in order to change the time of the event to my preference.

So, could you please implement this feature in the next update as i need to be able to control the minutes of my events when i set them up via Checker.

Great app by the way.
and keep up the good work Jason.


  • Which method are you using the save the event time?
    Because you can type in any time you want... with this method for instance
    or even by using the big red + button

  • Thank you for the quick response. 

    I think i understand what happened now. 
    Every time i type in my modification, i press "Enter" after, which selects the closest rounded time. 
    I just tried doing the same but without pressing "enter" and i was able to buypass the issue. 

    I wonder now if you can make some modification where if i type-in any modification on even time and then press enter, the program would confirm the typed time instead of rounding it to the closest one on suggested time list?   
  • ok cool, i'll note that as a bug/improvement thanks for the detailed feedback.
  • Good news this has been added in the latest v25.0
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