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Repeated notification for same emails until read with Firefox for Checker Plus

There appears to be a bug resulting in repeated display of email notifications.

Every time I start Firefox I keep getting the same notification at bottom right of screen for the same exact emails for the 10th time. It keeps doing this unless you open the email or otherwise mark it as Read. Isn't it should only show the notification one time only, regardless of whether you read it, or there should be an option to ensure that behavior.

I have "Previewing marks as Read" enabled and "Repeat notification" and "Show notifications for older" both disabled with 30 second polling for Primary category for my Google Apps Gmail account with the latest v22.2.2.1 for Firefox on Windows 10 x64.

Can this please be fixed?



Dan Moorehead
PowerAccess – All-in-One Toolset | Framework for Microsoft Access | Excel | SQL | VBA


  • So the general logic is to notify only once about the newest unread email. Is it possible this particular email is already unread but that you receive other newer emails during the day and mark them as read, leaving that particular mail as unread the whole time?
  • Yes I left this email as unread, never opening it as I plan on addressing it in a few days. However I don't want to get notified about it every time I launch my browser, as occurs now, just one notification total for that email is sufficient.
  • ok i've queued it for fixing.
  • Thanks so much!
    Just to clarify, was the repeating until read by design (changing based on request) or an issue?
  • So it is by design. The caveat here is it's usually meant to remind you of your most recent email but in this case it just happens to be an unread email in your inbox that you've purposely left unread further down in your inbox.
  • Gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.
  • Jason,

    I might suggest adding at least an option for "Maximum number of notifications per (still unread) email" (if you still want to allow the feature to also be able to use the way you had intended, for any who may want that), defaulting that to 1, or having a checkbox to disable repeating and have that disabled by default.

    However, please note that I do already have  "Repeat notification" option unchecked, so it seems like an issue with that not working (unless designed to control whether repeats in some other case)?

    Even with just 1 repeated notification, it can easily result in ambiguity where I have to closely read the preview or look at my inbox to confirm whether it's a new email notification.

    Besides that, it currently results in showing the lowest priority emails (which don't bother responding to ASAP or ever) the most frequently, in essence, another reason may want to disable repeating by default.

    A different notification background color could be useful for repeated notifications (or even very old email notifications), though doesn't completely avoid that Mozambique or make repetition desirable by default.

    Also, ideally can add an option for "Minimum wait before repeated notification", defaulting to at least a day (vs. every time I keep re-opening the browser as often as every few minutes/hours).

    It may be useful to have a button on the notification to "Snooze currently shown set of notifications" (including past ones shown as part of the same set if didn't do quickly enough) for when have a bunch are being shown when don't have time to read the notification/email or want to manually allow re-reminder.

    I would also suggest adding option to keep notification on screen (not start the 7 second, etc. countdown) until user is no longer away from computer / activity is detected, if not already implemented? With that, in many cases repeated notifications can be disabled by default.

    Thanks for developing such a useful extension and considering my feedback.

  • So one easy option might be to offer a "don't notify me on Chrome start"
    The other thing I wonder is why people close or restart their Chrome so often, can I ask why you do?
    For instance my Chrome and that of my girlfriend is simply to let the computer go into sleep mode and then resume.
    fyi the repeat notification option is actually something different, it will constantly swing the icon in the toolbar every 5 minutes as long as you have an unread email.
  • I end up getting slow downs and memory leaks over time, especially with a number of extensions and opening many tabs simultaneously, so restart browser frequently.  Plus there are those that just have it opened when clicking on links from another app/doc.

    By the way, I'm actually using Firefox and Water instead of Chrome, as Chrome is even worse with handling dozens/hundreds of simultaneous tabs with a process per tab.
    I'd suggest clarifying the Repeat Notification option then and other options/tab for Toolbar vs. Tray notifications.
  • New option just for you in v21.4.5

  • Jason,

    Thanks for the option, however, I do want notifications of new emails, as that is the primary reason I installed this extension in the first place.

    It's just that I only want to see new emails - those I'd not yet seen any notification for.

    I don't want to see notifications over and over again for the same email I'd already seen and decided to ignore -- regardless of whether that's from today, earlier this week, or over a year ago.

    *** Simplest Implementation ***

    If you could simply even just keep track of the time for which you had last shown a notification for an account, and then (by default IMO, or at least via an option) only show notification for if/when newer unread emails than that appear, and if you could ensure the notification always previews the newest unread email (vs. oldest, if doesn't do so already), then this extension could be quite useful. However, without that, this always just shows false positives, showing the same emails I'd already seen a notification for over and over again.

    *** Enhancement ***

    If you want to ensure the user had actually seen the notification (when away from computer) you could check for whether there is any (or any significant) mouse movement and keep notification on screen until X seconds after mouse movement occurs.

    *** Use Case ***

    I almost always have some Unread emails left in Inbox, so if you keep showing notifications for those same emails, I won't even see or know that I'd received a *new* email at that point, and would end up essentially just ignoring the prompt instead, if every time it appears it's to show old ignored or deferred emails (left unread in Inbox to read/re-review/archive if-have-time).

    For those who don't clear out Inbox entirely (via Archive All), or only do so periodically and who want to leave emails in inbox for if/when may need to go back and re-review them some day, there are always some Unread emails left in Inbox.

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