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Feature Request

I manage other emails in my gmail using pop and smtp
I'd like to send using those aliases from your extension, currently I can only send from my direct email


  • There exist several possibilities, if this option is set under general...
  • awesome, I tried it out today.

    I subscribe to newsletters and accordingly ctrl+click on the links to open a couple of tabs, currently regardless of how I click the extension window is closed afterwards.
    Is this possible in the extension or is it a limitation for chrome extensions?

    a minor Design issue with how the font is rendered aliased (hehe the screenshot actually looks better :D)

  • I can confirm at least on my Windows 7 that ctrl+click does not close the popup window, but yes this could be a Chrome thing depending on OS etc.
    As for the font issue I don't really have control there as this should be the same you would see i believe on a tablet or mobile web view
  • Is there an issue tracker that I should be sending my requests too?
    I hope I'm not bugging you much

    I have another bug with inbox mode
    I'm running chrome on OSX

    I can't download attachments (I think it's also related to the tab click issue I had earlier)

    when I click on an attachment the download pop window appears momentarily until the extension window closes, as a result I can't download attachments

    on another note I used to use mail checker to open my email account on the fly, now that I'm in inbox mode I can't seem to do that, there's no email name similar to the old interface that I can click on, only a means of switching emails and logging into new accounts.

    I realise the new interface is much more feature packed, I mean I'm super happy I was able to search in it, but when I was met with the attachment bug there was no way for me to open the email in gmail like in the other interface.
    The fact that the state of the extension persists (the email I had open remains open) is a relief tho I like it, it was the only thing keeping me from being frustrated.
  • For the attachments I can confirm that they work for me on my Windows 7, so this might an OS issue/difference

    In version 17.1 I just added a maximize button, but it only opens the Gmail inbox http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Checker_Plus_for_Gmail_changelog
    in the next version, if your viewing a specific email it will open that email in Gmail - because you proposed it!
  • I am having the same difficulty reading the font that is being used when I switch to inbox view (noted above). I would think that you are setting the font as this is not the inbox font displayed on my mobile phone or web. 
    Can you help?image
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