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Big RED + button

When the calendar is minimized (meaning I just clicked from chrome extension bar) and I want to add an event, say Dentist Apt, If I hit the date, say Sept. 28, you have a pop up that explains that is an "extra feature" and recommends I use the red + button, but when I do that I cant pick the date for the apt.  It just assumes I want today???  the red + button doesnt allow me to pick a date for the added or new event.


  • Actually you can type any date or day or time. Like lunch tomorrow or Tuesday breakfast at 7pm. Meet joe on the 3rd
  • Thanks, I just installed the extension and had the same problem. Your answer solved it and it works. I wouldn't mind trying the extension a little longer before making a contribution but perhaps a few extra words in the popup would help so that people don't give up which I almost did.
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