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InnerHTML and Formatting Issue


Can help me with these issues and please refer the screenshot.

FYI: Chrome Ver 68.0.3440.106, on the recent Mac Pro Laptop

1. While Editing the event, in the description box, it is full of raw HTML and extremely difficult to update it.  I often have to leave and go to web calendar and edit this often.  Please just make it plain text, and show it as .text() instead of .html()

2. The width of the description box is too small, just THREE visible lines.  It has the most informant event information and with links and additional contact details.  Please either reduce overall margins/paddings, increase the width/height to get some space around it.

3. In the footer container of the button's (Save) height is almost the same as Description's text area element.  Just a small mini button is enough there.  Also, the margin/padding of the Edit Event dialog/popover is also huge almost 20px, and other elements as well.  In sum, we need space for content not for the HTML elements.  Please at least increase the width of the dialog/popover to 80% of the extension popup's screen width.

4. About this contact form, I just found this issue where if I upload the screenshot first, then it is not even allowing me to enter the text, neither on the top side nor bottom side.  I had to refresh the page again, then enter initial text, then upload the image so I get the cursor to enter additional details.


  • Ok thanks for all the great details, I will definitely queue the html issue for development. However, that should reduce the text in the description making it easier to scroll through.
  • Good news this has been added in the latest v25.0
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