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can't fit?

everytime i click the extension try to read or check my emails it never quite fills the box and i am unable to get it fixed properly.image


  • Great screenshot, because I can see 2 different zoom settings that you have managed to apply and which are definitely causing this behaviour.
    1st zoom setting: The magnifing glass at the right of options's page website address/url is indicating that you used Chrome page zoom - try reseting that by clicking the magnifying glass and setting it back to 100%
    2nd zoom setting: I noticed in my actual extension options that you have also set the "popup window zoom" to 200%, try reseting that to auto or 100%.
    once everything is reset see if it works
  • fixed it and it worked for a couple hours and then went back to thisimage
  • I noticed you have my calendar extension installed also, is that popup window behaving properly?
    this might be a Chrome OS issue.
  • the calendar extension is working perfectly fine
  • Ok so what's intriguing is that you said the gmail extension actually worked for a couple of hours? so i guess there is potential :)
    Does it make a difference if there are no unread email, compared to when there are is one or more unread emails in the popup?
  • Sadly it does not seem to matter one bit. Without emails it does it and with emails it does
  • So i've noticed you've replied to me from what seems like 2 different computers or OS
    1) X11; CrOS armv7l 5500.100.6
    2) Linux; Android 4.2.2; SM-T217S Build/JDQ39
    Does the issue happen on both machines?
  • Extension don't work on my tablet which is the second device you listed.  They only work on the chrome os
  • My guess is that this issue is still related to zoom or screen resolution of your system, since that popup window seems relatively large compared to the content inside,
    have you changed your screen resolution or was another screen plugged to it in the recent past? can you try resetting your screen resolution to the default, note you might have to restart chrome to resync with the resolution etc.
  • do you mean like me plugging my Chromebook into my TV with an HDMI chord?
  • yeah - things like that which usually affect screen sizes etc.
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