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Rich notification wakes my screen sleep

I'm setting 15min screen sleep on my windows 10 PC.If I receive mail, when the PC is in screen sleep mode with Rich notification, it wakes my screen for about 5 sec and then go back to screen sleep mode again.
With Text notification it does not wake my screen  even I receive mails.
Is there anyway to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.


  • Start menu > Settings > Notifications > (Uncheck) "Show reminders and incoming VoIP calls on lock screen"

    let me know if it works, but i just tested it out :)
  • It didn't work for me..

  • I did confirm it worked for me, try the other settings like disabling "show notifications on the lock screen" you can also go into the Start menu > Settings > Notifications > Google Chrome settings by click on it.
  • I've tried disabling show notifications on the lock screen but same also.

    For Google Chrome notification, if I turn off I won't receive any rich notification.

  • So one difference in my settings is that in the Google Chrome settings I disable the "Play a sound when notification arrives" since there is already a sound setup in my extension's settings.
  • hmmm didn't work either,,
  • ok if i get more requests of this nature, I will develop an option within the extension to detect the locked state.
  • Ok thanks.

    By the way above two screen shot matches with your setting? 
    except "Play a sound when notification arrives" on the second screen shot.
  • Also when I click the rich notification, it used to pop up directly but now suddenly when I click it, the task bar opens and stuck. I have to click task bar icon to pop up the mail.Is there anyway to fix this problem?
  • Another note for receiving:
    Not receiving all notification of my mail.For example I'm sending mail to my self few times and I receive first few and no more.Is there anyway to receive every mail with rich notification??
  • I receive rich notification suddenly when I move the mail from primary to social tab.
  • For the screen sleep issue, perhaps your computer settings are set to only put the "screen saver" after Xmin, but to go in "sleep mode" after a X+min, look into your computer/windows settings.

    Can you also send me send a screenshot of the "task bar opens and stuck" issue?
  • My windows 10 power & sleep setting / screen and sleep are both set to never.My monitor has sleep mode,which if I'm not in front of the computer its sleeps, and I'm setting it to 15min.
    I receive notification from other app,for example chrome youtube notification,but no problem.I just hear the sound and the screen stays black.With rich notification it wakes my screen for about few second and sleeps again,never happened before but suddenly happened.
  • So yes the difference is that Chrome started using Windows notifications, and that's probably what's waking up the computer now, you could also try using the Options > Notifications > Desktop Notifications > "Text notifications" instead of Rich and see if that works.
  • Text notification works perfect,no awake.Don't know why rich notification does not work,,I love that pop up and notification button.
    Regarding task bar stuck it seems the problem went away.If happens again I will give you a note.
  • With the new version of Windows 1809 17763.1 I don't even receive banners anymore..Both rich and text not working + I've tried "test it out" option in the setting of Checker Plus but same problem, no banner.I can hear the sound of incoming message though.
  • Is your windows "action center" open? anything in there? try restarting the computer, i haven't been updated to that exact version yet, so I can't test yet.
  • Action center is not opened,I need to open with short cut win key + a.I do not know how to open other than that.
    I've restarted reboot but no more notification..Only sound.
  • And nothing is in action center.
  • Are you getting any notifications from any other extension or windows system now?
    ps. I didn't know that win key + a shortcut, thanks for the tip :)
  • I've tried with windows default app alarm but didn't work..I guess the new update killed the notification banner or is just me..
  • I'm setting "get notifications from apps and other senders" off but I still can here and receive notification from other apps except default apps from Windows 10.With Windows 10 default apps no sound no banner no notification even notification on...
  • edited October 2018
    Suddenly I'm getting the notification. I've turned on background app setting in Windows 10 and rebooted.I do not know if this was the problem since there is no Chrome in this setting + there were no problem before.
  • Still during the screen sleep, rich notify will wake the screen for few second.

    Regarding Android I am not receiving every email with clear setting but when this was happening,not receiving any notify on PC, I was able to get every email.Do you have any idea why I'm not getting full emails on Android??
  • Sorry I don't have any expertise on Android.
  • Regarding "task bar opens and stuck with rich notification"you wanted the screen shot so here:

    With the test notification the icon changes to just Chrome.It didn't pop up the task bar before when I receive mails.

  • I found out that only Checker plus notification wakes my screen sleep.
    When I completely disable Checker plus notification and turn on just the desktop notification on Chrome, then gmail 
    notification banner won't wake the screen sleep.

    Regarding this I have one question and one suggestion.

    How can I stop waking up screen sleep using Checker Plus notification?
    If not please update the Checker Plus notification to not to wake while in screen sleep mode on Windows 10 1809 17763.134.

    Thank you.
  • edited November 2018
    I see.
    But the problem does not occur when Windows 10 Chrome notification on/Gmail desktop notification on/Checker Plus desktop notification OFF on my side but it suddenly wakes up the screen sleep only when I turn the Checker Plus desktop notification to ON. 
    Other than this, exactly same set up written above..
  • Do you think you can fix it?
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