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Nested/Threaded emails display the wrong Subject

If I receive a new email and it is nested/merged with another email, the subject of the email in the popup displays the original thread.

From gmail, the unread  message is "Another Website" which is nested under a similar email titled "Main Website"


The "Main Website" message is read, however.

Now as you can see, the alert clearly states "Main Website" as the subject. The body text is correct. Just the subject is wrong.


The second screenshot has the wrong title. I understand that in gmail it will appear as though "Main Website" is unread - but that's indicating that an entire email thread has a new message. Not a single message.

I think this is something that should be fixed, although it is definitely not a high priority. It makes project  management with Basecamp quite annoying though.


  • This might be a Gmail issue with their feed? Do you have Gmail's conversation mode on?
  • I do, and I suspect that is the cause. I can't identify if this is a (arguable) bug with your extension, or with gmail. Either way, with conversion mode on I would still expect to see the correct subject for the email I received, regardless of if it is part of a conversation or not.
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