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App suggestion: Checker Plus for Google Tasks

I'd pay for Checker Plus for Google Tasks if it had the feature to sort task lists. One can put tasks within a list in any order, but one cannot control the order of lists of tasks. I discovered this when I used Julie Smith's apps to edit my tasks in batch mode. I exported via https://tasks-backup.appspot.com/progress and then imported via https://import-tasks.appspot.com/main

Julie's apps get most of the way there. Her code is on GitHub. Performance is poor, too. I'm guessing that's because she chose to host her apps on the Google App Engine, and probably because her code could use some optimization. I'm fluent in Python but don't have the time to work on this problem. I haven't looked at her code. You are more clever than Julie. I'm sure you can solve this your own way.


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