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Problem with Highlight, round and square shape color

I've been using using this extension for years now and it's my favourite screen capture app, especially on my Chromebook.

The highlight function seems to have changed, in the past, I could highlight something and it would stay visible, now it seems to act as an airbrush, if I move fast, it will be dim, if I move real slow, It will be way more vivid, but it will not only highlight the zone, it will also screen it, we won't be able to see what's behind. Again, see picture below for an explanation.


  • It's been operating like this for a few months now, but yeah the tool is not perfect. Although I try to have it mimic the use of real highlighter. If you just go quickly over a text it should be lighter.
  • Oh ok, but I'm not crazy, it was more of a highlight in the past rather than a brush tool?
  • yes i changed the behaviour slightly for what I thought was a better highlighting tool. with progress comes bugs and adjustments :)
  • Old post, I know, but I was about to post the same thing. Three years later, the highlighter is still broken, imo. It behaves more like an airbrush tool, not a highlighter.

    I don't mind the screen effect - that's what a highlighter does. But its speed sensitivity is backwards. With a real highlighter, the faster you move it, the lighter it is, and slower gives a heavier highlight. And, of course, covering the same area more than once produces a darker effect.

    However, I would actually prefer if it had an option to produce the same screen regardless of speed. Multiple passes creating a darker effect, I guess that's ok, but ideally I'd rather just have a uniform marker.

    And more than yellow. How about options for green, pink, blue, orange, and blue? I personally prefer the blue highlighters.

  • @ScottSmith i'll queue this for investigation again, thanks for the feedback.

  • @ScottSmith Good news in v11.4 I've improved the highlighting tool.

  • Hi @Jason , while I see the improvement, it still behaves like an airbrush tool. Would be really nice if I could have the option of a solid colour hilightning tool. If I click somewhere on the screenshot and move to the other side, I can see some places more highlighted than others.

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