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json get all values from key

edited August 2018 in General
hey i dont really know jason but i need help.
if i run this : 
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "method": "item.get",
    "params": {
           "output": "extend",

          "hostids": ["10154"],

            "filter": {"name": [
                 "NumberCore"]} ,
        "sortfield": "name"
    "auth": "c1c4e1b37bb8c24408084f802",
    "id": 1

i get an answer of this hostid 10154
what i want is to get all hostids that exsists.
should i delete the hostids key (which i tried and gives me timeout error)

or theres a way like : 
     "hostids": ["*"],


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