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Nearly Useless "Explain and Send Screenshots.."

"Scrapbook" as an extension for Firefox was my previous page archive extension which worked great but is nolonger operative.  This extension on Chrome is garbage by comparison and utterly useless for data-intensive pages as those on The Daily Mail which is among the most important of the "periodicals of record" on the entire web.  But who cares?  Nobody cares.  Because we are as a population dumber than dirt and have no appreciation for the extreme importance of preserving knowledge for academic research and public advocacy.  This extension is useful only for saving small segments of a page and could really use an upgrade so as to permit the end-user to save intervals that are less than a full page which is too damn large and yet greater than a mere screen shot.  I'm going to try to work with Chrome's extension called "Google Keep".  Scrapbook was the best, providing full page saving function with the data saved in a searchable date base with in the extension itself.  Why can't anyone in the computer biz get their act together.  The narcissism and endemic developmental arrest of today's programmers is an astonishing phenomenon.  So brilliant at coding yet so so entirely daft at life, the entire demographic is dumb, deaf and damned.  
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