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Detached popup location

I really like the detached popup option for the Checker Plus calendar. I notice that I can change the size to anything under the sun, and that size is retained after closing and then re-opening the calendar.

However, I can't seem to make the same true for location. Once I close the calendar and re-open, it will always appear dead center in my monitor. I have tried all sorts of ways of closing both the calendar and chrome . . all to no avail. I know this may be more of a function of chrome itself than Checker Plus. Thanks in advance for any help on this.


  • Ok ill look into that and put in my queue. The remembering the size was my doing, but cant recall the positioning.
  • Am now having problems with the size of the detached popup for the Checker Plus calendar. When I resize the popup to a significantly larger than I normally use (50%), then I close the popup and then reopen, the popup now takes up about 80% of my my desktop, maybe more. As long as I keep the size to around 25% or less, reopening keeps that size.

    BTW, I still can't get the location to anything but dead center when the popup opens. Hoping you haven't yet looked at this issue so that there is a possibility of a fix :)

    Thanks for the good work and for any help on these two problems.

  • @RichardFeinberg Have you changed any zoom settings in Chrome that might be affecting this?

  • I do not believe so. The only Chrome zoom setting I know of is a default zoom that I have always left at 100%. I do change some individual pages' zoom. I have not changed Google Search or Calendar . . both are at default of 100%.

  • I presume you are using the option .. button .. open checker plus detached?

    I just tested it and it seems to work me, can you send me screenshots of the inconsistencies?

  • thanks for the pm screenshots, there's no logic in my extension for such resizing exceptions, i'm going to presume the OS is interfering here.

    ps. i've renamed your username

  • Ok, thanks. What about the app only opening in dead center?

  • It's programmed to do exactly that. Are you suggesting an option to locate it somewhere else? can I ask why?

    openWindowInCenter("popup.html", '', 'menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes', await storage.get("detachedPopupWidth"), await storage.get("detachedPopupHeight"));

  • I find the center of my screen to be an inconvenient place to use Calendar as it blocks view of other open apps. I prefer to have it off to one side or another and sometimes in a corner. It is not a big deal as I can move it easy enough. However, since I open Calendar a number of times each day, it would helpful to have it open, for example, in the last used location, as a number of apps do. Of course there are other ways to do this, for instance, I have at least one other app that defines a specific location for the associated app to open.

  • ok i'll take note of this and queue it for dev.

    another question: why don't you just keep it open all the time?

  • I had a feeling that would be your next question. I could do that, but in general, I dislike keeping programs open that I might not use for another 8 hours. On a number of days I open it first thing in the day and then at the end of the day, sometimes also in the middle, or even at night. as I work at home.

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