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"Archive all" Button in Pop Up Window

There is a "read all" button in popup window (on the colored line) but i strongly miss a "archive all" button. i can't find a appropriate setting to change this behaviour. missing feature??


  • It's a good suggestion, do you have a recommendation of how or where to implement it.
  • In my view a setting would be nice where I can change the function of the "read all" button to "archive all" (or as third choice "archive+read all").

    To keep my postbox clean my personal strategy is to archive my mails. I don't touch the read/unread status manually.

    I used Googles Inbox for years and I really love it. But I think Google is going to let Inbox die. Therefore I'm back to gmail. In inbox you dont manually mark a mail as read or unread...just archive. That works really fine for me.
  • I've added this option in v21.4.5

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