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New Windows native notifications from Chrome



  • New native notifications aren't working for me, I've uninstalled the extension and installed it again. Checked all my settings to ensure that they are enabled, which they are and I still get the classic Rich text notification and not the newer native Windows 10 notification. any ideas? 

  • @MikePark Try checking for Windows updates and restart the computer.
  • Windows is up to date, machine has been rebooted. Also disable all other extensions and I get the same issue.  
  • @MikePark I see you've shown me the Chrome flags, have you tried just resetting all of them?
    Lastly the native change seems to be related to a specific Windows version and perhaps Chrome has not pushed it out all at this moment.
  • Yep tried all the iterations to no avail. Also just download Chrome portable, signed in etc and same behaviour, I think it's a Windows 10 issue rather then your extension. I'll have to feedback to Microsoft.   
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