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New Windows native notifications from Chrome

edited November 2018 in Checker Plus for Gmail
Chrome is now using Windows notifications (darker ones)

1) Make sure they are enabled: Start menu > Settings > System > Notifications and action settings > Get notifications from apps and other senders

2) Getting double sounds? Refer to step 1 and scroll down and click Google Chrome > Disable the option Play a sound when a notification arrives


  • Is there any way to change back to the old notifications or is it a chrome thing nobody can do anything about?
  • @QuintinFlowerThere are Chrome flags which I do NOT recommend changing as they come with warnings and they might break features in the future. Note that Mac users have already seen this transition last year, it was simply Windows turn now.
  • Man, this is horrible.  Not only do I hate how they look, but for me, they don't even do anything if you click on them.  I came here just to say that.
  • @AshaiTides That click issue has been fixed and is pushed to all users in v21.2.2 you can reinstall to force it or wait another day or so for it come automatically.
  • Oh, how about that, thanks Jason!
  • Dang, I really don't like the windows 10 native notifications either. The sound it makes is less appealing as well. 
  • @MarcMorgan Refer to instructions at top to remove the native sounds. 
  • @Jason Thanks. Me no read so good. lol
  • Love your work and thank you! Just wondering what happened to the email notifications, they box is now brown/gray background instead of white. Also no way to delete the mail right from the notification anymore. Is this a new feature or is there a way to configure it?
  • edited August 2018
    @TimHoward Refer to the first lines of this thread and also this https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/8/17665398/google-chrome-windows-10-notifications-action-center-support the buttons should still work, I pushed a fix for the open email click recently.
  • is it possible to change de look of the notification.. it is dark.. and it is not like it was before..
  • @eric.beaupre The only customization you can do to the Windows notifications now are what you see in your Windows notifications settings.
  • Well.. i did not change the computer.. only reset it... and before the notification were withe.. now its dark.. :(
  • by the way.. when i write here.. i can't see what i am writting... i can see it only when i presse "send" lol.. wierd lol
  • @eric.beaupre yeah chrome changed things please read the comments above.
  • I was wondering what was going on for 2 days, hate the dark windows notification - same as i hate the whole windows notification center, it creeps me out, however you can always manually disable it in chrome://flags by turning “native notifications” off, which i just did, and everything back to normal, hopefully it wont break anything in the future, as Jason said in the second post here.
  • there are no notifications AT ALL anymore...i mean the ones that used to appear on the bottom right corner of chrome...i already HAVE that windows notifications ON. thanks.
  • @EZEV Now that Chrome uses Window’s notifications, it also lots of customizations to control them, such as focus assist etc. I recommend going through the options to see what might be preventing them.
  • edited August 2018
    I can live with the new style of the notification that pops up bottom right but previously I would close it by clicking on the X. Now there is no X and it goes into the notification centre instead which gets cluttered. Is there any way to revert to the previous behaviour or if not would you be able to add this as an optional behaviour on one of the two buttons?
    EDIT: turning off “native notifications” in chrome://flags as noted by others did it for me, but if you could add it to the options for one of the two buttons I could go back to the Windows style which seems to be better for future proofing. Cheers.
  • @BolzanoMagyargis Interesting, I didn't even realize the close/arrow button only pushes the notification into the Action Center. That's cause i've chosen to hide the Action Center in windows options, so for me it's now equivalent to hiding them when i click the arrow button. Perhaps I can suggest the same for you.
  • @Jason. It's working how I wanted it now with the black notification popup. When I click anywhere on it, except for the two buttons and the arrow button, it closes (whereas before it would open gmail).
    I got there like this: 
    with “native notifications” in chrome://flags set back to on,
    in your extension options I set Close after.. to never
    and "Clicking anywhere on notification" to Mark done
    That's how I had set it originally, it must have needed a good kicking.

    Incidentally, in Windows notification settings I turned off notifications only for Chrome. The result was that I got all the audio but not the popup!

  • I just discovered that clicking anywhere in the notification except on the buttons not only closes the notification but also hard deletes the email. What I really need is a  "Clicking anywhere on notification" option that closes the notification but otherwise does nothing. 
  • @BolzanoMagyargis Nope, when you set it to mark as read/done it archives the email, meaning it will remove the inbox label and keep it out of your inbox, please go through your All Mail folder and you will find it.
  • when I click email as read, button at top keeps telling me there is an unread mail.

    God, I totally hate this.

    First we loose the old popup, then we loose the custom sound, and now it doesnt work the native windows "mark as read" button.

  • @ArKo“ArKonte” Try reinstalling the extension for those issues.
  • @Jason reinstall worked, at least the mark as read. thx
  • Hello @Jason, when I receive an email it popup the windows 10 notification, but if I don't touch anything, after the X seconds it disappear and also disappear from the notification bar. I'm expecting that will disappear the popup but the notification will be saved in the bar.

  • @JuanPabloGarrido if you set it to disappear it will also disappear from the toolbar. I think if you click the the right side arrow on the notification, it keeps it in the taskbar.
  • edited September 2018
    hello jason, the icon doesn-t shake and the sound isn-t there. I-ve deactivate it in windows chrome app notification and activated it in checker plus. so at tme moment I only get no-sound windows notifications and no shake of the icon
  • @antonino.stella try reinstalling the extension and restarting the Chrome browser - as there was a recent update.
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