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"Own Notifications" Stopped Working

I disabled the option to notify on my own modifications. It used to work, but it seems that it doesn't at the moment. I have Checker for Drive 7.5.12.


  • Just to clarify, you disabled them and are still getting own notifications?
    or you want to see your own notifications and are not getting them?
  • "Show my own notifications" is *not* checked.
    Clarification - I'm talking about the files being shown in the popup when clicking it (I don't use the Chrome desktop notifications).

    If I modify a file, it is shown in that list, but I don't want to see file changes that I did myself.
  • ah, thanks for the clarification, and so in the window, which folder are you referring to?
    the Recent or Notifications etc?

  • Notifications
  • a) It's possible that since you changed that option recently that your previous own modifications are still listed in the notifications folder.

    b) If you are still seeing newly added own modifications in that folder, try reinstalling the extension.

    let me know the details...
  • Jason,
    I can't reproduce, it might have been a).
    Sorry for the trouble, I'll update if this happens again.
  • Jason,
    I'm reporting that I'm getting notifications (in the "Notifications" tab) for files I modified (specifically, uploaded), and that's after I reinstalled the extension. Attached a screenshot of my current configuration.

  • hmm so I just tested this same configuration and I didn't get a notification for an uploaded file. Are you sure it's the same account uploading this file that has been granted access to the extension?
  • How do I know which account was the notification for, and to which account(s) does the extension have access to (could be useful to list them in the options page)?
  • that's a good suggestion
    i'll add it to my queue.
    for now you can simply revoke in the options and regrant.
  • FYI You can now see the current account signed in within the extension options page of v8.0 thanks for the suggestion.

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