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Checker Plus can be a security vulnerability - great app though

Checker plus is a security problem on my machine. If a person opens my machine, they instantly have access to the attached email accounts. They can change the gmail password and thereby hijack my basic email. In some cases, they can re-direct contact information for other sites.

I now enable Checker when I need it and disable it before I shut down the computer.

It would be good to have a password or other security to access Checker Plus.


  • edited August 2016
    Actually my extension does not know any of your credentials, it simply reads the cookies in your browser that are generated by Gmail when sign into Gmail.
    What this means is that unless you sign out of your Gmail, then "any" extension or software that you have installed could access your Gmail.
    Therefore disabling my extension is not a solution at all, but rather the true solution is to sign out of your Gmail everytime ... if you are worried someone else might access your computer.
  • Thank you, very useful. I will change my behavior and sign out as needed.
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