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Using Add accounts and stay signed in with Google Advanced Protection

Hi, I have been using this addon for a few years now and I love it! However recently I got a security key for Google login (www.google.com/advancedprotection) and when I use the "Add accounts and stay signed in" it doesn't allow me to stay logged in. If I use the auto detect mode the addon still works. I would like to use the stay signed in as I use multiple Google accounts, is there anyway? Thanks!


  • I also get this when I try to login:

    Authorization Error

    Error 400: policy_enforced

    Google cannot give this app access to your account data because Advanced Protection is turned on for your Google Account.

    Learn more

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  • edited June 2018
    Nope, Google's Protection clearly states only Google's Apps can be used with it, sorry. Even I can't access my own apps with that turned on :) oh but you can use the default auto-detect instead.
  • Alright, thanks anyways
  • Hello,
    Got account revoked message today and had to re install it. After I have done that, I was not able to add more than 1 account because I cannot see the "ADD ACCOUNT" or "REMOVE ACCOUNT" buttons as we see here https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    Any idea what's wrong?
    Please advise
  • @LouisLegrande use must select the add accounts option at the top of accounts option page.
  • Request Details









  • @KrystalDay I don't see any error in these details, was there something noted above this such as error ### ?

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