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Some notifications not showing



  • The reminders are not coming up at all for all day events if I create them on google calendar directly - the timed ones are working without any issue. And yes, I've tested all of my calendars and it is the same across all of them for new events only - old all day events I've had for years (eg birthday reminders) are still working.

  • but you confirm they are instantly visible in the extension's calendar view?

  • Yep - that part of the extension is fine, it's the reminder / notification part that isn't working

  • and you've set a 12am reminder for these all day events when you create them in your Google Calendar?

    Can you send me a screenshot just before you save a typical all day event in your Google Calendar?

  • I actually have the default set to 9am on the day of the event. When testing I did try it at 12am as well though, but it made no difference.

  • Can you try changing the default calendar reminder for all day events to "before at 12am"

    this has been known to solve an issue related to topic.

  • OK, have set it for one of my calendars and I'll let you know tomorrow once I've tested it. Problem is that I don't really want a notification at midnight though - I want it when I sit down to work!

  • I understand, i'm just to trying to determine the issue, so note after changing that then only subsequent events created will use that default time, so might have to create another test event for tomorrow to validate if it works.

  • OK, will let you know

  • I set the default notification to 12am as discussed and did 2 tests last night - I created 1 event using the default notification of midnight and the notification came up. The 2nd experiment was setting an event and manually changing the notification to 9am and this notification didn't appear.

    Hope that helps.

  • edited June 2019

    Yes that's great news, so we can conclusively state that any all day events which reminders that are not set to 12am fail.

    I have reported this bug with the Google team, can you star it to pressure them to prioritize it:


  • Duly starred - thanks!

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