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All day notifications not showing

I have 8 different google calendars for various groupings but 2 of them don't show up in the notifications (although they do all show in the calendar button dropdown).  Is there a max number of calendars you can use to ensure all the notifications are shown?


  • Is the checkbox checked beside those specific calendar names in the Options > Notifications > Calendars ...
  • Are these specific calendars different in any way, like shared calendars etc.
    Can you do a quick test and add an event in that calendar for 2 minutes in the future and see if it shows as countdown on the calendar icon.
  • One of them is shared (but I have another shared one with the same person and that works fine) and one isn't shared.  They used to have an ampersand in the title (although so did the shared one that worked), so I removed that to see if it made a difference, but it didn't - I also tried disconnecting them and reconnecting them after the name change to be totally certain.

    Just tested one of the calendars and not only did the countdown show, but the notification popped up!  First time a notification has ever appeared for that calendar...  The events on the particular calendars that aren't showing notifications are nearly always All Day events, so maybe that's playing a part?  I will have a play around to test them now...
  • I added an All Day event and put the notification to be at 13:30.  The countdown didn't change (but I guess it wouldn't if it was for All Day today?) and at 13:30 no notification came up...
  • edited June 2018
    So previously all-day events couldn't have specific times for notifications, they generally appear the morning of that day. I realize google calendar recently allowed setting specific times for all day events, but the API my extension is using does not recognize those allday specific times. But if you had an all day event for tomorrow or after you will get a notification for it at 8:00am.

    If you want specific timed events I suggest using timed-events instead of all day events.
  • How do I set that up then?  My events default to 9am notifications if they're all day events.  Don't mind at all if they come through at 8am as a notification, but I don't get any at the moment.
    Thanks for your help
  • So before we get into that, I'm curious if your other 6 calendars have all day events? and if so their all-day events giving you notifications on their respective days in the morning?
  • Good point, yes I do and yes, I get notifications for them (eg all of my birthday calendar events are All Day and they come through fine.  That's why I was wondering if it was because I had too many calendars.
  • So I would be curious if those calendar notification settings are different?
    if you go into the settings of the working calendar and compare it to the non-working calendar do you see something different?

    ie. below are my event and all-day event notifications

  • My notifications are the same on both calendars as well...


  • Can you try changing the all-day even notification to before from 12:00am (instead of your current setting of 9:00am) and I guess we'll have to wait till tomorrow morning to see if that works.

    I think this might be related to API issue with google: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/36755676
  • Ok, I'll change a few and come back to you
    Thanks for your help :)
  • Hi Jason
    The notification did show up when I set it to before 12am instead of 9am.  Weirdly my birthday reminders still come up though and they're all set to 9am.

  • Hmm that is strange, but thanks for the feedback, I'll investigate it further, I believe it's related to calendars created after a certain date or just the fact that you change the all-day reminder settings, might trigger the fix, but anyways leave me to the complicated debugging :)
  • Ok, thanks for your help!  
    Just thinking about it - it is my older calendars that are still working, but my newer ones are struggling.  Not sure if that helps...
  • Did you ever get to the bottom of this?  I've recently moved onto a new computer and it's still happening, but even with older calendars now as well.  Thanks
  • Can you confirm the issue is only affecting all day events?
  • Yep, just the all day ones - timed events are fine.  Thanks
  • After setting the all day event reminders to 12am and clicking the refresh button on the popup window - are you still getting at least a 1 reminder on the day of the event?
  • I will set all of the all-day events for tomorrow to remind me at 12am and will let you know tomorrow what happens.
  • Just curious when you say set the reminder to 12am do you mean at the general calendar level or at the specific event reminders?
  • I have done it at the specific event level - calendar wide I have it set to 9am for all day events.  Is that not what you wanted me to test?
  • That's fine, since were exploring I just wanted to document what were doing. Let's start with event specific as you are and then our secondary test can be calendar wide.
  • Ok, I've changed my all-day events for tomorrow to have 12am notifications, so I'll let you know

  • Sorry for the slow response - I've been testing the all day events on all of my calendars, so there's always a 1 day lag. The 1st time I tested, one of them didn't work, but since then they all have. Very odd! Got 2 more days' worth of testing ideas, then I'll come back to you.


  • Hi again.

    Rather tardily I have figured out what's happening - if I create an all day event through Checker Plus, the notifications show up without any issues. However, if I create an all day event directly on google calendar, the notification (whatever time it is set to) doesn't show up. As I said originally, not sure if this is because I have a lot of different calendars, but either way, that seems to be the issue.


  • Do any of the events you create in Google Calendar get synced immediately in the extension (view the calendar view in the popup to determine this) try restarting the browser see if that makes a difference in the syncing.

  • Yep, they get synced to the extension immediately.

  • Ok so this is not a syncing issue, it's really just about the delay in the all day notifications, are they coming up exactly 1 day later? and consistently for every calendar?

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