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Adding items to July gets changed to Julom in 2021

I tried adding a skype meeting this july 24. By doing skypen july 24 10 am, this got changed to skypen julom 24 but in 2021???
Not each time, but a couple times the event was added in 2021?

See screengrab.

Using osx 10.11.6
Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)


  • lol, so I just tried it now and it worked correctly for me. If you can repeat the issue with a specific text and i'll investigate it further.
  • The text i add is as like this "Skypen ma july 24 10am". See this screengrab, https://www.dropbox.com/s/wxjv935scd8nhuu/weird-date-july.gif?raw=1

    First time i did it, it was added in 2021 now it adds it at the correct date but it shows weird Month name as you can see. Hope this clears it a bit
  • PS i think i know whats happening. Its cropping the last part. Its cropping from the first letter of July. The language it shows is dutch, now i see om 10u is in English at 10 'o clock.

    Because its missing a space after it shortens the added text it looks like a weird Month name.
  • I know checken how it looks in English. This shows the added event a bit cleaner than the Dutch language min e was set to. If you need help with the Dutch version, i can help.

    Here's a screen grab of that same action i added. See how English show muh cleaner event.

    You could do the same in Dutch by changing it to "op Tue 24, 10:00" JYou can leave out "om" just like English only shows the time. PS it is mixing English with Dutch i Noticed, the calendar itself shows English day names as well when its set to Dutch.

  • So are are right about the dutch words for the days and months, they haven't been properly translated, would you like to me help out? :) i'll contact you...
  • When i set language to Dutch, most items remain English in the GUI.
    How are you controlling languages, is that with a json or po file orso?

    If you got a file where i need to put in the correct Dutch ones, send me an email romboutv[at]gmail.com
  • I already sent you an email this morning, maybe it's in your spam.
    essentially the tool will take care of the technical part, essentially extensions look for the translated strings in the language you choose and if not found they use the default english text.
  • ah okay, ill check my spam box. I do see these update in my primary inbox. IS the email from a different address orso?
  • Nevermind i got it, i was in Updates. Ill check the mail and respond
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