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Popover UI is blurry on retina display

Recently, I noticed the popover on my retina display (MacBook Pro) is very blurry, like the retina support went away. No other extension made by you (that I've used) has this issue. I reinstalled the extension too, and it didn't fix it. I also updated Chrome and restarted it, didn' help.


  • Can you send me a screenshot
  • Might be hard to tell from the screenshot, unless you view it on a retina display.

  • Oh wow, so now it's happening on the Drive extension too. Maybe I thought it was crisp before:

  • Have you changed any zoom or screen settings, does it the issue happen on the laptop or external monitor, you might have to play around with things, as this most likely affects all Chrome extensions.
  • Ah, you're right! It is affecting all of my extensions. I didn't change any zoom level on my browser, but I did scale my monitor display settings. I changed it back to default, and back to the scaled, and now it fixed itself. Thanks!
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