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dual screen issue

Hi First let me say i love your work!
I have a dual screen setup and when i use the entire screen option on your ext it allows me to choose the screen - brilliant!
Unfortunately it grabs the second screen but is completely black.

annoyingly it wont allow me to paste it either :-(

the main screen works great however.



  • So it works with me, I select Grab Screen then I see my 2nd screen and select it and I click done and it's ready to go.

    Can you send me details/screenshots of your exact process?

  • Hi I had the problem on my extend screen too. Everything shows perfect on the extend screen, but I can't click on any icon to do any action. The real place to click is a little bit far from the icon that I can see. I don't know if I explain that correctly. It works great on the main screen. Thank you!
  • @WanjieZhu Can you send me a screenshot of the issue?
  • Hope this screenshot could help.

    I put my mouse on the red sign, it shows 'Refresh'. But the refresh sign should be a little bit right but not the red sign's position. So I can only click on the red sign position to refresh.

    I am using win 10 with 2 extend monitors.
  • edited June 2018
    @WanjieZhu ah yes, thanks for the screenshot, this is a Chrome issue, read this thread  https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/2869/buttons-offset#latest
  • Thank you Jason, I just updated my chrome and found this problem has been fixed! Yay!
  • first screen shot is looking fine: 
    however when i actually select the left screen i get this:

  • ok thanks, did you try reinstalling the extension?
  • reinstalling worked great. 

    would be nice if the grab selected are otion could choose from either screen rather than the one with chrome running though.

  • Suggestion noted, one alternative is to use the Cropping tool after the page grab, which would be equivalent to the grab selected

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