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Archiving not working?

Since a few months or so I´ve been getting many errors when archiving emails too fast form the preview panel, I get the error message claiming there is some incompatibility with another plugin, etc....
BUT the worrying thing is lately there are many emails I thought I had archived (without errors being shown) but when opening gmail.com those emails are read but not archived.

Is anyone else having this issue?


  • edited June 2018
    Can you systematically reproduce this issue?
    or I'm guessing the issue only happens when you archive many emails at once?
    can you try switching to the "add accounts" method # 2 here https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods
  • There are two issues here:

    Nº 1. The error when archiving, which is sort of OK because at least I get an error and so I can open gmail and archive manually. This is easy to reproduce and it happens when archiving emails fairly quickly i.e. open the mail, skim read it, archive it, open next email, skim read, archive it: ERROR

    Nº 2. I press archive after reading/skim reading an email and get no error at all but he mail doesn't get archived. I find out when going into gmail and seeing the e-mail unarchived. I think this happens very randomly but I will test to see if it keeps happening on a regular basis.

    I will try method signin method  2, I use a couple of accounts anyway.
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