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Extensions slower to load in Firefox than in Chrome

When I click the toolbar icon for either Checker Plus for Gmail or Checker Plus for GCal, it seems to load twice as fast in Chrome as it does in Firefox. Is this an issue with the Firefox extension, the Firefox browser, or could it be something I can fix on my end?


  • It's a Firefox browser issue, as they have not yet implemented all the latest standards and thus my extensions must "polyfill" for now. Good news is that their future versions in development right now will have the latest such as Shadow DOM etc.

    You can disregard all the technical jargon :) but essentially it'll be faster with the next Firefox browser updates.
  • Nice, do you know when the next public Firefox release will have the requisite browser APIs, or can you direct me to the appropriate development status page?
  • I saw this in my twitter feed, perhaps you can follow them or google around for their development feed

    Note: There will be a polymer update that I will perform on my extensions that will also increase the speed on Firefox to use javascript modules instead of HTML imports.
  • Great, thanks! 🙂
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