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Configurable alias announcements for specified senders

I don't know how I got on before this extension :) But some senders have really badly configured names, and so the voice announcement is worse than useless. Not your fault or the extension, but I'd like to be able to maintain a list of aliases to combat this. For example (using made up names etc) say I get an email from "Letter Account 15" which is actually from Bob's Widgets who sends out newsletters using a bulk news mailing service, and hasn't configured his account's 'send from' details. I'd like to be able to add to my list "newsletter15@bulksendservice.com" [or even @bulksendservice.com to apply to all un-aliased mail from that domain] and that list will associate email addresses (or specific names) to a block ot text to be 'voiced' rather than the raw data from the email.

Along with this, it'd be easier to correct mispronunciations for things like acronyms and foreign names.


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