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automatic height of week

It would be nice to do so.
In the "month" display mode, automatically stretch the height of the entire line (yellow color) by the number of cells in the cell.
In my example, to see 3 more elements (green color), it is necessary to press "+3 more". But it will be more convenient if I see them at once.
It will be fine if you implement this by hovering the mouse over any of the days of the week. Thus, the whole week will stretch in height, when the mouse falls into the area of a particular week.


  • So i'm using the FullCalendar api to display the calendar and some customization by me, but if you find that request here you can vote it up https://fullcalendar.io/issues/
    or you can create it yourself there and then link back to it here so I can follow up on it.
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