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Mind-bending experience using your Chrome extension

Tried this, but am sorry, I have to say what a ridiculously useless app.

Opens a new tab, instead of a small window as I would have preferred, due to the fact that in Chrome, closing the tab turns you up at the very last tab of the browser.

As to some of the functions, to me it looked like this:

Instead of actually performing the action, it tells you what to do in text. For example, I click the button that says SAVE? Oh yeah, guess what, a bubble shows up and tells me "please, user, go back a step and do this and that"

Share it to social media? Just right click, click copy and find a platform and medium, paste it, send it, whaaat. 


So I go to Upload:
and that just goes to imgur.com homepage, if you were wondering.

Dude, I want the app to do the work for me, not tell me how to do it in some other way, which I would have done, without installing an app to basically piggyback onto me and collect my details.

Granted, I might have missed the part in the fine print, where it says I should consider paying you ANY amount for this to be the case, while the FREE version - where I'm the product - would be just basic instructions how to use the computer, wait. It was EXPLAINED to me, I get it now. Ha-ha, you.

Anyways, these are functions already performed by the Snipping Tool in Windows, so I'm off the hook. Boy, was this a dead-end.

Thank you so much for the frustrating, yet fascinating experience. 


  • Thanks for the feedback. You happen to have selected 2 of the 10 post image processing options that require manual intervention and the reason is because my extension has zero permissions which almost no other screenshot extension does.
  • I'm sorry, Jason, if that's the case, then I suppose we are both victims of circumstance, but based on what I've experienced, I felt really upset and wanted to express my criticism in a post, which I've done, but was only sort of justified. I might have used unnecessarily extreme language, too. You can delete this thread if it serves you no purpose. No hard feelings either way.

    Regards, Tom
  • Maybe you should try the features you admitted you hadn't tried before offering a blanket criticism that seems to imply a lack of features or something already offered in an alternative elsewhere.  Having decided to subscribe myself for a couple of bucks per month, which is extremely reasonable given the access to all of his creative output, I can assure you it's anything but a rip-off.  And some of this implementation is absolutely brilliant.  Is it perfect?  Well no, but what is.  He has proven to be an engaged dev, and is responsive even to criticism, as evidenced by the fact that we are both here discussing this, so cut the guy some slack. Or at least have the decency to fully try the app out before you opt to call it worthless on the guy's own forum. 

    "Based on what I've experienced, I felt upset..."

    That's the rub, isn't it?  You admittedly haven't actually experienced anything, but your own misinterpretation of the usefulness of an app you couldn't be bothered to pay a couple bucks to give a full test drive. I'm not judging you, my friend, but I'd be remiss to not at least mention the irony that you'd waste a full 15 minutes complaining about it at...what's your going rate?  $60 an hour?  So 15 minutes = 15 bucks?  I'm not even sure you weighed the cost vs benefit properly.  You just wasted at least $15 bucks and you still don't have access to this ridiculously simple, and alarmingly useful app, which I can assure you is one of the best productivity extensions I have ever personally added.  And I add a lot of them.  I'm somewhat of a serial extension user, it's a problem I am working on. Nothing ever does just what I need it to do, so I end up with almost 100 extensions all doing basically the same thing, but slightly different depending on circumstance. 

    This extension, by itself, will allow me to cut that number down by 25%.  No exaggeration.
    I mean, look at this:

    I've got a problem.  And this extension really helps. You can see it prominently featured a mere 5 places to the right.  No extension has made that high a debut in my list of displayed extensions.  Oh, you thought that was all of them?  Lol, nooo, son. When I say problem, I mean I am a serial extension hoarder.  Upgrade to my level:

    Besides, what you are asking it to do differently is already something it can do, but as he stated, privacy and permissions are considerations when he's creating extensions.  It WILL do it for you if you want, but it isn't an option initially by choice.  I for one appreciate that.  Having some semblance of control in a world steered by Big Data and Data Miners may be a token gesture, but it shows integrity.


    Capturing and annotating screens is a challenging area for any dev because of the personal nature of someone's workflow.  Someone may want a feature someone else considers a nuisance, or worse...thinks is a bug, like how could anyone WANT this to work this way. I run into it all the time in apps and extensions.

    It just shows how much of a juggling act it is for these guys to come up with a feature set that is very useful for most people. And as this post demonstrates, people can be really harsh when they feel like you've wasted their time. Unfortunately, those decisions are often made in haste, without considering whether their assumptions are fair or useful. It's worth mentioning that it is even more rare to see these types of extensions being developed at this level by independent developers, and even more remarkable that he has chosen to keep the extensions as non-intrusive as possible, despite the clear profit motives that some devs are lured in with. 

    Even One Note, which I am in a love hate relationship with, didn't get this close to a home run with their clip implementation, and it is gooood - maybe the best thing that Microsoft has done and still far superior to the "Snip Tool" replacement application that was necessary while they decided to reintegrate it with the app, which was useless without the feature, frankly. But, even with the reintegration of the browser extension, I have to open up the app from the extension to get a functionality he has managed to implement right into the workspace in a fast, intuitive manner that matches a variety of workflows and potential uses.  And you can take a recording of your screen also from the same extension?  What is this inception?? For just a couple bucks a month??  Take my money, Jason.  And keep taking it, it is well deserved.

    Tom, if you want to give it a real test, let me know and I will actually make a donation FOR you to try it.  I like it that much.

  • @Ian Thanks Ian I'm glad to hear it is useful to you and I appreciate the kinds words, I can tell you've got a lot of experience with my extensions and others :)
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