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License and No Notification

I have been troubleshooting with all the forum ideas for why notifications might not be working. I finally followed the advice to remove and reinstall the extension and now I've lost the license for my domain. Now I have two problems instead of one. Many of the settings are greyed out like I am on the free version. 

The notifications are not working. I get the test notification if I click on the bell, but not notification of any new files being added to the team drive folder I have selected.


  • For the license issue refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed
    For the notifications, can you test the regular drive and let me know if those notifications are working?
  • License fixed! Thanks!

    Checked notifications in My Drive and it works. Just not Team Drive folders.
  • ok good, refer to the team drive section here https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/File_notifications
  • The only thing in that link I see about Team Drive is that I need to make sure that I'm a member of that team. I am.

    I'm not sure how I would have had the permission to flag a folder if I wasn't already a member of the drive that folder is in. Maybe I'm not understanding.
  • I have encountered the issue in the discrepancy of non member, just to be sure can you verify or send me a screenshot of the members of that team drive
    1. In the left navigation, click a Team Drive.
    2. At the top, next to the Team Drive name, click the Down arrow arrow_drop_down >Manage members.
  • ok thanks, can you send me a screenshot of the extension options?

  • ok let's try changing the option to test it out...

    "Show notifications for files inside folders i select"
    "Show notifications for all files except folders i select"
  • I'm now getting notifications in every folder on MyDrive that I have tested and every folder I have tested on a couple of different Team Drives. I did not get a notification when one of my team members added a file to one of the same folders I got a notification from when I added a file.
  • edited about a year ago
    Just to confirm, you have successfully seen a notification for at least one Team Drive folder?
    And the issue seems confined to when another users adds a file?
  • As it stands now, I get no notification when somebody else does something and I'm getting a notification everytime I do something, no matter where it is.
  • hmm ok is that "somebody" making changes to the files also a member?
    also just to be clear, we are only talking about the team drive right now.
  • Yes... my coworker was a member of that drive. Otherwise, he would not have been able to add the file. I did just get a notification of an update google sheet that was shared with me on another MyDrive within our domain.
  • ok another test, can you change the Polling Interval from "Real-Time" to "5 minutes"
    and see if that makes a difference.
  • Did that, tried it with both the "Show notifications for files inside folders I select" and  
    "Show notifications for all files except folders I select" options and it performs exactly as before only later. If a lot of documents were updated at one time, only two notifications show up, but I get all the chirps and the changelog is accurate.

    Since I gave it the weekend, I thought it interesting that I started getting notifications for files on my private gmail account for community projects I'm involved in.
  • Oh so the changelog/notifications of files changed in the popup is always correct?
    But it's just notifications which are missing sometimes?
    I noticed you changed the notifications option close to "Never"
    perhaps the issue is with that option, and maybe they're still disappearing whilst your not there, let's investigate separately.
  • I am also experiencing no notifications. I tried to reinstall but still, nothing.
  • edited about eleven months ago
    @AdamBridges Does the issue concern a team drive or your personal drive? Have you looked at this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/File_notifications

    *Update it looks like Google's server are having issues, let's wait it out a bit.
  • edited about eleven months ago
    @Jason - The issue is a personal drive that's shared with other accounts. And yes, I have set the notifications on for the files/folders I have selected.

    screenshot: http://nimb.ws/r14IfV

    *Edit: I should also mention that this didn't just start happening today. It's been ongoing for at least a month now as I haven't noticed any notifications popping up and there's also no notification history.
  • @AdamBridges Does the test notification work when you click the bell in the extension options?

    For testing purposes can you set the option to "Show notifications for all files" then modify a doc and wait 5 minutes.
  • @Jason - Pardon the delay.

    The test notification works just fine and the notification system now works after setting it to "Show notifications for all files". However, the system breaks once I turn off the notifications for specific files and folders.

    Please assist.
  • @AdamBridges Ok good to hear, so the first principal is the extension works by selecting a folder and any files changed within that folder will send you notifications. So it's not a matter of selecting specific files for notifications (especially since some people want to be notified of newly created files - and that would be impossible to select them before they exist :)
  • @Jason - I'm confused.

    The extension's notifications only appear to be working properly if I have it set to "Show notifications for all files". However, I don't want to see all notifications, so when I open checker plus and turn off the notification bells (while the "Show notifications for all files" setting is active) for the folders/files, notifications stop altogether.

    With that said and contrary to what you have said, it does seem to be a matter of selecting specific files for notifications since that's when checker plus decides to break.
  • edited about ten months ago
    @AdamBridges I forgot one detail, the extension is meant to easily uncheck/exclude/ignore certain files instead of the reverse. So you are correct if you uncheck the files even with "Show notification for all files" then the excluded files will override that setting.
  • @Jason - So this is a bug, then?
  • Notifications are hit or miss, more miss than hit with no changes to setting for quite a while. I am at least occasionally getting something, but other team members are not getting any notifications. We are a Business Level G Suite organization and the team drive functionality is super important.
  • So it may appear random, but most likely there is logic to the issue, says the programmer of course :)

    Can we narrow down what is working and what is not, I believe you stated the my drive was working but the team drives might have some issue particular issues probably under specific conditions that I need to understand in order to replicate on my end and fix.

    Conditions can vary from certain users, certain file operations and certain folders creating the precise issue. Would you be able to find the specific conditions that work and don't work?

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