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How to set default calendar(not account) and how to increase rows in description?

Thank you for extensions, really good job.
A couple of features requests:
If a user has multiple calendars(not accounts) it's required to constantly change the calendar in the new event.
It would be nice if it will be possible to set a default calendar for new events in settings or save selected calendar from last created event.

And it would be nice to set rows amount for new event description in settings. I have some events with big description and it's difficult to write them with 2 visible rows


  • interesting i like the idea of automatically saving the last calendar in the quick add.
    i'll take of note of that for development.
  • What percentage of the time do you not use the default calendar? and why do you use the other calendars for your quick add often?
  • I have the same requirement - I have a separate calendar called "MEETINGS" within my account that has different settings. This is designed to make sure I don't miss these events amongst less time critical calendar events. This isn't my default calendar so I find when I right click on the web page of a client (in my CRM) and select "Checker Plus for Google Calendar" to schedule a meeting with that person (which is a superb feature especially as the calendar entry will automatically include a link back to the client's CRM webpage) I then have to go to my calendar and manually amend the entry to my MEETINGS calendar each time. 
    If this could be set at the time I right click on the page to choose Checker Plus (either as a default or at the time from a drop down of my different calendars (I have about 5) then it would be fantastic.
    To answer your question Jason - I'd say 70% of the time I don't use the default calendar.
    Maybe I ought to make the settings in MEETINGS my default, but that's not quite how I want to use calendar as I also use it for personal tasks and other activities that are less important and it would just reverses the problem when I want to add entries through Checker Plus for non-meetings. 
    PS You've done some great work Jason - thanks.
  • @MartinSoroka thanks for finding and supporting this request, i'll prioritize it in my queue.
  • @MartinSoroka ;
    Good news this has been added in the latest v25.0
  • Thanks Jason - just so I'm sure I've got this right, this is an extra feature available to contributors? 
  • @MartinSoroka Yes, occasionally ill designate newly developed extra features to support my efforts and time on them. 
  • No problem - it's persuaded me to put my hand in my pocket.... keep up the good work!
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