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Date format

In the top left of Checker Plus for Google Calendar is the date, however this is in US format (mmm dd yyyy). Can there be an option to change this to UK format (dd mmm yyyy)?

Thank you


  • which calendar view are you using? is the format different depending on the view?
  • All of the views are consistently showing the US date format - list, day, week, 4 weeks. My PC is setup to UK date format though. Thanks. 
  • ok I just noticed they removed the date format option in the new google calendar, so I will change the code to rely on the language en_us or en_gb to determine the format, coming up in the next update.
  • Thanks Jason
  • just a follow up, is your Google Calendar language option set to English (US) or (UK) ?
    have you changed this language in the recent past?
    have you changed any calendar options in the recent past?
  • The language is setup to English (UK) (although I cannot see a specific date format section). I am pretty certain I haven't changed the language (or other calendar options) recently. 
  • Sounds like this is an issue that came about after Google introduced its new calendar (which by the way I don't like because the Google Labs extras like hide morning and night are no longer available!)?
  • Hi Jason - any update on when this fix will be rolled out? Thanks v much
  • edited June 2018
    So I'm still waiting this one out, hoping the google calendar team reinserts this date format setting, ping me again if this doesn't pan out, although i usually wait for more user feedback, which curiously i haven't received on this one yet.
  • thanks.

    Out of interest, do you know how responsive are Google to feedback from individuals? I have sent multiple feedback on Google calendar and Google drive and have never received a response or seen any change in their offerings. One feedback - hiding morning and night - I suspect many others have provided the same feedback following the change from old Google calendar to new Google calendar...and Google hasn't done anything on this front. People started complaining to Google about the loss of the "hide morning and night" feature back in October 2017.
  • I know if they prioritize issues they will get done, I've personally seen several of my opened Chrome browser, extension and Gmail issues being worked on and fixed.
  • I'm afraid that there is no way, the Checker is always picking up the US format MMDD although my Calendar is in DDMM format (English-UK).

    The difference is not minor. It is not the same to put an important exam for the 1/5/21...to finish discovering that the exam is in the calendar due to...the 5th January 21. =)

  • @Lucas LL Ok I think my extension could in theory could read this Google Calendar setting value, but can I ask what action are you taking that is causing the issue. Are you using the quick add?

  • Hi Jason I have already trying to fix it in the GC setting because I though that the extension was picking the information up from there...no way; nothing changes

  • edited April 2021

    @Lucas LL Yes I understand that, I would have to change that, however, can you send me a screenshot of where the issue is within my extension?

  • I've jotted down: "1/5/21, TEST, 19:01"

    ...and this is the result

    In any case thanks for your time; I love your extension and I use it almost every single day. Cheers

  • @Lucas LL Thanks for the screenshot, so indeed you are referring to the quick add API which from past experience has some issues with translating dates from text, regardless of your settings. Most likely why they have removed it from the Google Calendar webpage. For far dates you may want to rely on picking them in the calendar or try writing the month name in the text.

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