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Save Drive file on a local drawer on a computer

Hello I would like to know if you could add a save and sync to a drawer, on my computer, for all my google drive files (same drawer like the official drive program from google). Like that I could remove the official program from google and have the pictures from my drive on my computer synced each time I load my browser. That be needed for me, for example, to make my second hand announces on internet with leboncoin.


  • I'm not sure I understand the difference is with the existing Google Backup & Sync does https://www.google.com/drive/download/backup-and-sync/
  • This program simply sync the drive files on the computer each time it start. I need the file synced on my computer for have an access to the pictures files I need for remade my second hand announces on leboncoin. If your extension support that, I could remove the official google program (big and slow). NOTE : Funny I must answer you with an editor because white caracters when typing on the discussion page.
  • Sorry but I don't under this part "access to the pictures files I need for remade my second hand announces on leboncoin" maybe I need to understand leboncoin first :)

    Also for the white text issue, do you have other extensions installed like ad block etc. that might be interfering with websites?
  • Leboncoin site is a FREE SMALL ANNOUNCEMENTS of individuals and professionals for objects, clothes, services,...throughout France. My pictures are located on my google drive and Leboncoin site use only the pictures files on the PC (locally) for creating the announcements. If your extension support sync files on local computer when starting my browser each time, all become verry easy to use. Its just an explanation by a personnal example. If your extension support sync and save files on a computer, more features is added on your extension and help users. Yes, I use an adblock (by default on slimjet browser).
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