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Edit elements e.g. via pointer tool / graphical issues

Hi Jason – thank you for creating this amazing tool!

But there are some issues, why I can´t use it in my daily workflow right now:

1. The history to undo previous steps is cool. But I have not found a way to easily edit the text boxes or number elements. When I click on it, a new item is created instead of giving me the opportunity to change an old one. Is there a way I can not see? The easiest way to select already set elements would be a simple pointer tool that activates already created elements to change them. Another way might be to activate the desired tool and press the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key to select and activate previously created items to change their contents.

2. Especially the possibility to take a screenshot of the entire website is great! Unfortunately, in Google Chrome version 65.0.3325.181 (official build) (64-bit), two major errors (especially for graphic design work) occur:
  a) The whole website is displayed distorted and therefore the proportions of the texts, pictures and logos are no longer displayed correctly. Here, the vertical side (at least for me) is about 1.4 times too long. Not good for professional purposes.
  b) The individual parts of the composite screenshot of the whole page do not fit together perfectly. A relatively small part of 5% to 10% at the edges of the combined screens is shown twice. That's not much, but it makes the screenshot looking clearly flawed and therefore it can not be used in a professional environment.

I would be really happy, if there would be a solution for the points mentioned in the future! Because I would like to integrate the tool into my workflow and would be willing to donate!

Best Regards
Daniel Nagel


  • Good suggestion for editing elements, currently it's not supported, if enough people mention it I will look into it.

    There are issues with full page captures on specific websites due to floating headers/footers.
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