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Up-coming Gmail Makeover

Hi there - I have been enjoying your Gmail app for a while now. This morning I have heard of a makeover coming for Gmail, and am wondering/hoping if your app will function with the new look and functions. I hope so, and perhaps you already have it going :) Thanks Anna


  • I'm not aware of any impacts, but you're welcome to give me more details on how you think it might?
  • Turns out: Google is finally letting us snooze emails. Is there any chance that your extension will support this feature in the future? It would be great if we could snooze emails from the notification or the popup windows and get notified when snoozed emails reappear in the inbox.
  • @SimonHurtz The API has not yet been released by the Gmail team, please click the upvote arrow to promote this suggestion here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26528778/api-for-inbox-by-gmail
  • @SimonHurtz It looks like I might be able to show notifications for snoozed emails.
    I was wondering if you had feedback, on what the notification should do? :)
    Should I play the same sound as a new email or a different snooze sound instead? (i'm assuming less importance is placed on snoozed emails)
    How long should it stay up?
    What should it say, what action buttons?
  • @Jason Thanks for your quick response - and sorry for my delayed one. I'll upvote the issue at Stackoverflow.

    Concerning your questions: I must admit that I don't use notifications with sound at all, so this doesn't really matter to me. Actually, for me it would be just fine if notifications for snoozed emails behaved the same as normal ones.

    I snooze emails, because I want to deal with them later. That's why a reoccurring email isn't less important for me than any other, and neither are the notifications. The only difference: It's not very likely that I'll delete the snoozed email without taking any action (then, I would have done it before), so a delete button isn't really needed. (Or did you mean the button in order to snooze an email, not the buttons that appear upon the popup for snoozed emails?)
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