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Contact pictures not seen / Toolbar icon suggestion

1. I know it's a new feature, but I'm not seeing any of my contact pictures come up in the Growl notifications. Those contacts DO have pictures in my address book, and on Google+. Could it be because I'm on Google Apps?

2. It would be great if you could add the new style Gmail icons to the options, as seen in the Gmail favicon: http://googletoday.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/GMailIconRevamped.jpg

3. Mac Retina support would also be appreciated. 

Thanks for the great app!


  • 1) Send me screenshots of these growl notifications (but i don't really support them, i'm presuming you've set the "Text notifications" option to enable the growl via my extension?
    2) I don't believe I can use Gmail's official logo for copyright reasons
    3) I believe I am supporting the retina display in the button icon on the toolbar (can you try the default icon), can you send me a screenshot of the exact issue?
  • 1) Sorry, not "Growl" exactly, but the Apple OSX built in notifications that slide in from the side. No contact photos there.
    2) Many other apps do so I'd say try it, because it looks much better, and you were using their old one anyway. Chances of them caring are about -1. ;)
    3) The Mac OSX buttons in the toolbar certainly aren't retina. Are you sure about that?
  • I support Mac users to give them all the same functionality available on windows, but I can't support per OS configurations especially since mac users only compromise of 5% of all my users
    Send me screenshots of the notifications or retina button issues, the context can can help me a lot.
  • Sure, here you go.image
  • try the default icon, that one should support retina
  • It does, it's just not to my taste. I hope you can support my 3 requests.
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