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dark theme not selectable after payment

hi there
I am already using your add on since years and did also already spent several times to you. today i was installing a new laptop and when trying to add the dark theme, i was asked to donate. I did donate, even twice, giving my email account but it seems that i still cannot use the dark theme... 
any ideas why?


  • Refer to https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed you dont need to contribute more than once.
  • thank you Jason
    works well now. 
    another question though i have... I have added my outlook business calendar using an URL with an ics link to my google calendar so I see also my business entries now on the google calendar . works fine there.
    but your add on is not showing those business calendar entries. How can I add the business calendar entries or the busines calendar additionally to your app?

  • Synced external calendars are sometimes slower to sync, click the Refresh button in the popup window or just a wait a little bit more, then let me know if it doesn't show up in the extension.
  • yes, great. works fine now! thank you
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