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Available for Edge yet ?

I have started using Microsoft Edge.  Will Checker Plus for G Mail be available as an Extension soon ?


  • -  From  Philip in the UK
  • I tried a few months ago, but their extension infrastructure had limitations and their extension store was complicated to upload to. And it seems the Edge marketshare is dropping and i've received barely any suggestions like this one to add it to Edge, i've actually received more for Opera :) https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/
  • NEW SUBJECT : Not important but aesthetically pleasing : Is it at all possible that , when you hover over the Icon and the Events/Meetings for next few days appear - they could be in same Colour as in Calendar ?

    Just a thought. Apologies for bothering you.

  • @PhilipHouseley good suggestion but chrome and Windows don't support formatted hover texts.

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