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Can the notification icon be made to appear in notification area of Windows 10?

Just like the subject says. That's the question. I'm currently using 4T Tray minimizer to force it over there but that doesn't give me the option in Windows to "always show," and that's what I'd really like to do with the icon. I run a lot of programs and hate my task bar getting cluttered. Thank you.


  • Short answer is no, extensions can't access the OS system tray. Some Google owned ones have been known to be given special permission.
  • edited March 2018
    I thought as much. Looks like it can be done simply by first using 4T to put it over there, then setting 4T to always show. Unfortunately that means every app 4T is putting in the tray are also always showing. Leave it to Microsoft to treat users as if we're too stupid to decide where we want things. *rolling eyes* Thanks for the prompt response!
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