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Offline mail

Hi, is possible to open new mails/unread mails etc in google offline mail extension?


  • edited April 2014
    Here'a a sneak preview of what i'm going to be releasing soon, will this work ? http://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Popup_window
  • I think this will be awesome.. so this is the next step for google checker? what are the disadvantages?
  • I will be keeping both "views" but interesting question that you ask about disadvantages. Why did you presume that there would be disadvantages?
    But your assumption is correct, it will be difficult to customize, and not as easy to navigate labels or switching between accounts, but with time I might add some extra features for it.
  • Thank you... and release date? :D Soon? :D 
  • It's just been released! ... to 5% of my users, you can force the update by uninstalling and re-installing the extension.
  • I like it very much!

    Ideas and feature requests:
    - add a button to switch/open message in gmail.com or just add a open to open gmail.com account
    - add support for autosave drafts and restore them

    I think it is almost perfect!
  • In version 17.1 (just released to 10% of my users) ... i have added a maximize button at the top right to open gmail.com and i also added an option to open the gmail.com when you click the checker plus logo, hope this works.
  • Thx. One more request - I get many emails from forums... they are cited, so I cannot see content of the message :(
  • What you see is the all I can fetch from your emails, if after clicking the "..." you don't see more than that's all I can do, sorry.
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